Best Posts of 2015

I started this blog in March 2015. Since then, I’ve interned at Infusion, graduated from the University of Texas, and started as a software engineer at Google.

I’ve also gotten a lot better at writing. After publishing 44 entries in 2015, my most viewed posts by far are part of the CS Internship Guide.

Most Viewed Posts of 2015

  1. CS Internship Guide #4: A Model Conversation With a Recruiter
  2. CS Internship Guide #6: The One Sentence Internship Candidates Need to Read
  3. CS Internship Guide #7: How to Ace a Whiteboard Programming Interview
  4. CS Internship Guide #5: Debunking Myths About Career Fairs
  5. CS Internship Guide #3: Five things you need to do before the career fair
  6. How to make sure no one builds your million-dollar app
  7. Three Things I Learned at a 150-Person Startup
  8. CS Internship Guide #1: Create Personal Projects
  9. CS Internship Guide #2: Does GPA Matter?
  10. CS Internship Guide #8: Stellar Questions to Ask Recruiters

As the 10-80-10 Rule predicts, these posts receive over half of all views on this website. However, a few other gems are worth reading, too.

Editor’s Pick 2015

I hope my insight has helped you throughout the year. I’m looking forward to even more improvements in the coming months!

*All statistics include only posts and views that occurred in 2015.

What was your favorite blog post of 2015?

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