My Internship Experience at Infusion

So, you’re thinking about an internship at Infusion? After interning at Calxeda and Multimedia Games, I interned at Infusion during the summer of 2015. I thought my internship was excellent! Keep in mind I did software development in New York City (as opposed to, say, user interface design in Toronto), so my experiences may not be the same as others.

Writing a program to control TVs over Ethernet was really cool. Yes, this was inside Infusion's office.

Writing a program to control TVs over Ethernet was really cool. Yes, this was inside Infusion’s office.

What did I like?

Project – 9/10

Infusion is a technology consulting company, so its projects are B2B contracts that range from mobile apps to financial software. My task was to develop a program to control a wall of TV sets via Ethernet. Using C#, I hacked out a prototype, and then integrated it with the rest of the codebase. It was fun, I learned a ton, and I hope users find it useful.

Team – 7/10

Everyone on my team was smart and helpful. However, some of us worked in New York, but others were stationed in Poland. This caused a few problems when the team in New York ran into trouble while the Polish team was sleeping, and vice versa. Despite time zone problems, I think I was on a good team.

Location – 10/10

One of the main reasons I chose Infusion was to go outside of Texas. My internships at Calxeda and Multimedia Games were both in Austin, so I wanted to experience something different. Infusion placed me in New York City, which was awesome because I got to be a tourist whenever I wanted.

Benefits – 9/10

Besides the direct deposit every two weeks, Infusion gave me a furnished apartment in Manhattan for the summer. (Finding housing in New York is not easy!) They also paid for my flights to and from New York. There were also coffee, sodas, and snacks at the office.

What would I change?

Office Snacks – 5/10

Infusion actually has two offices in New York. One office was always stocked with free chips, granola bars, and other healthy options. I worked in the other office, where we usually ran out of snacks.

Number of Interns – 3/10

I enjoyed having lunch with the other two interns when I could, but it would have been nice to have more than just two other students at Infusion. I did make friends with interns outside the company.

Knowing who my manager was – 2/10

Who’s my manager? I’ll spare you the details. Just know that it was confusing to figure out (though it did not affect my day-to-day tasks).

Final Thoughts

Overall – 9/10

Overall, I enjoyed my internship at Infusion. I might have gone back after graduation (they gave me an offer), but I took an job at Google instead.

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