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8 Good Communication Habits for Early Career Software Engineers

Communication is a superpower. As you advance in your career, you are not limited by technical expertise, but by your ability to influence other people. You might think, “I’m bad at talking to people.” That might be true today, but … Continue reading

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How to Structure Your Presentation to be Clear and Convincing

Have you ever sat in a meeting where you felt bored? You had to endure a presentation where the speaker read several paragraphs per slide, all in monotone. Some rando in the room kept asking useless questions, prolonging the presentation. … Continue reading

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This Mindset Will Make or Break Your Next Project

Ollie and Patrick – Running a Mile – When to Drink Soda – Is Your Project Doomed? Continue reading

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Making it Easy

A gym’s locker room had two towel bins. The gray bin was close to the lockers. The black bin was twenty feet away, around the corner, and not very visible to tired athletes. The management want to keep the locker room clean, so … Continue reading

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Why People Browse the Internet Until 3AM

Why I think people browse the Internet until 3am. Continue reading

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