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CS Internship Guide #18: Five Things CS Professors Won’t Tell You About the Real World

Part of the CS Internship Guide Professors are smart people. It takes a lot of effort to become a professor, and generally speaking, you should listen to them. However, there are five things that all CS majors need to know … Continue reading

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Why I Didn’t Start a Board Game Company

I had an idea for a board game, and considered making it into a company. Continue reading

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Shower Fresh Part 2: Infusey

What happened to Shower Fresh? Continue reading

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CS Internship Guide #17: The Problem with College Career Counselors

Why college career counselors can’t teach you how to get a CS internship. Continue reading

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What I Wish I Knew as a College Freshman

What I did well, and what I could have improved on during my first year of college. Continue reading

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