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Is Objective-C Still Relevant?

In the world of iOS development, Swift is on the rise. But what about Objective-C? Is ObjC still relevant? Are Objective-C fans clinging onto a band that broke up 20 years ago? My take: Objective-C is not going away anytime … Continue reading

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How to Get Promoted as a Software Engineer (Even During Tough Times)

“Congratulations,” my manager smiled. “You’ve been promoted.” Despite the toughest job market since the Great Depression, coronavirus, working from home, two reorgs, and two different managers, I finally succeeded at getting a promotion (and a raise). Many people assume, “I’ll … Continue reading

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The One Meeting that Changed Our Relationship

Our program manager (PgM) was a stern lady. She kept the project on track, and as a deadline neared, she grew more and more serious. I worked on the iOS client, and I felt like she was ignoring me in … Continue reading

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How do I make protocol methods optional in Objective-C?

Imagine you have a protocol in Obective-C. What if you want to make some properties or methods optional? You can use the optional keyword. Not all objects to implement the protocol will have the -speed method. Trying to call -speed … Continue reading

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A Quiz to Practice Big O for a Software Interview

Estimating big O is a crucial part of software engineering interviews. If you can write decent code, but can’t analyze big O, interviewers will mentally subtract points from your score. Tips for analyzing Big O Consider the worst case Think … Continue reading

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