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Commandos, Infantry, and Police

I recently stumbled upon a metaphor for three types of engineers: commandos, infantry, and police. Commandos lead the development of new products in risky ventures. They’re the most creative and visionary of the three types. Imagine a dedicated hacker who gets … Continue reading

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Four Things Successful Software Interview Candidates Do

You’ll never believe #3 Continue reading

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The Best Part About Working at Google

Every once in awhile, people ask me how I like working at Google. “It’s pretty cool,” I say. But there’s more to tell if you want to dig deeper. Here’s a peek behind the curtain, where you can see both the … Continue reading

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CS Internship Guide #17: The Problem with College Career Counselors

Why college career counselors can’t teach you how to get a CS internship. Continue reading

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How to Choose the Perfect College Major

Figure out the job you want and pick a major based on that, not the other way around. Continue reading

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