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Three Things You Must Do When Mentoring Software Engineers

Mentoring other software engineers is one of my favorite parts of my job. Every software engineer ought to have an unbiased mentor to go to for career questions. Early in your career, you’re always the one asking questions. As you … Continue reading

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Four Things Successful Software Interview Candidates Do

You’ll never believe #3 Continue reading

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The Best Part About Working at Google

Every once in awhile, people ask me how I like working at Google. “It’s pretty cool,” I say. But there’s more to tellĀ if you want to dig deeper. Here’s a peek behind the curtain, where you can see both the … Continue reading

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Would You Rather Be a Billionaire in 1916?

Would you rather be a billionaire in 1916, or continue living in 2016? Continue reading

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How to make sure no one builds your million-dollar app

Why a one-line job posting sucks at getting developers to turn your dream into a reality. Continue reading

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