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Sheldon Software (or Sheldon’s Software) lies at the intersection of technology and human interaction. I write about how to land a job at your dream tech company, how to design elegant user interfaces, and generally how to build amazing software.

Photo of Sheldon SandbekhaugSheldon Sandbekkhaug

I’m a software engineer who’s been programming since 2009. Currently, I’m working on an artificial intelligence project at Google.

During my time at the University of Texas, I interned at Calxeda, Multimedia Games, and Infusion. The CS Internship Guide is based on my and other students’ experiences.

Besides spending quality time with a terminal, I enjoy lifting weights, reading, and losing board games.

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I have not received money, product samples, gifts, or any sort of compensation for writing about any company. If I do in the future, I will note it on the appropriate blog entries.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are my personal opinions. Any content on this blog does not represent the official position of Google or any company that I have worked with.