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The Best Non-Technical Books for Early Career Software Engineers

Some problems are not solvable by code. In my own quest for solving problems in the last 5 years, I’ve read dozens of books and applied their ideas to my own life. This list contains some of the best non-technical … Continue reading

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8 Good Communication Habits for Early Career Software Engineers

Communication is a superpower. As you advance in your career, you are not limited by technical expertise, but by your ability to influence other people. You might think, “I’m bad at talking to people.” That might be true today, but … Continue reading

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How to Structure Your Presentation to be Clear and Convincing

Have you ever sat in a meeting where you felt bored? You had to endure a presentation where the speaker read several paragraphs per slide, all in monotone. Some rando in the room kept asking useless questions, prolonging the presentation. … Continue reading

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CS Internship Guide #17: The Problem with College Career Counselors

Why college career counselors can’t teach you how to get a CS internship. Continue reading

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Why Are Software Engineers So Specific?

Software engineers have to examine tiny differences every day. Sometimes this mindset leaks into other parts of our lives. Continue reading

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