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The Four Multipliers that Secretly Influence Your Salary (and Society)

Last year, Sundar Pichai earned 226 million dollars, which is 800 times more than the median salary of an Alphabet employee. You might ask, “How can Sundar Pichai do as much work as 800 people?” – obviously, he doesn’t. There … Continue reading

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Goblin Mode Isn’t The Only Way

Allow me to introduce you to… the expanded goblin mode chart. Goblin Mode Back in my day, before normies co-opted the term, goblin mode meant isolating yourself and submitting to your basest desires. Stuff like staying home, eating junk food, … Continue reading

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100 Things I’ve Learned as a Software Engineer at Google

It’s amazing to look back over the past seven years. When I first stared this blog, I was a CS student at UT. 99 blog posts later, I’m a software engineer and tech lead at Google. I don’t have everything … Continue reading

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