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Goblin Mode Isn’t The Only Way

Allow me to introduce you to… the expanded goblin mode chart. Goblin Mode Back in my day, before normies co-opted the term, goblin mode meant isolating yourself and submitting to your basest desires. Stuff like staying home, eating junk food, … Continue reading

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What if Mario Characters Were Software Engineers?

Welcome to Mushroom Kingdom, Inc. Why don’t I introduce you to some of our software engineers? Mario is a full stack developer. He has the talent of a rock star, but he’s humble. Everyone turns to him when the project … Continue reading

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Your Name is Chad, and You are a Brogrammer at Big Tech Co. (Humor)

Your name is Chad, and you are a brogrammer at Big Tech Co. You start the day by slamming a protein shake. You throw on your usual uniform: a company t-shirt, shorts, sandals, and dark sunglasses. Your biceps bulge under … Continue reading

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You Are an Engineer at Big Tech Co. During Coronavirus (Humor)

You are an engineer at Big Tech Co. It is March 2020 and The Company has just sent you to work from home. You live in California with two other engineers. Each of you makes multiple six figures but can’t … Continue reading

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Tetris Zombies: The Craziest and Funnest Way to Move

Moving to a new state is a headache. I spent many hours researching moving companies, calling them, and determining most of them were scams. One night, I was having dinner with a friend. Both of us are organizers for Silicon … Continue reading

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