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How to Make Loads of Money By Ignoring Your Followers

How to get likes – 50 California Rolls – Customers vs Window Shoppers Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Follow the News

Why the news is a lot of noise, and how I benefit from not following the news. Continue reading

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What I Learned in the First Year of Blogging

If you have to choose between reading this and Jamey Stegmaier’s guide to brilliant blogging, read Jamey’s. Don’t Repeat My Mistakes It’s really hard to maintain a good blog. That’s the most important thing I learned  in my first year … Continue reading

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Chris Aniszczyk’s Advice to Grow Your Career

Chris Aniszczyk’s gave some advice to college students and new grads. Here are my additions. Continue reading

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How to make sure no one builds your million-dollar app

Why a one-line job posting sucks at getting developers to turn your dream into a reality. Continue reading

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