How to Make Loads of Money By Ignoring Your Followers

How to get Likes

Imagine you run a social media account on Instagram or Twitter. You use your account to promote your business and provide useful information to your followers. One day, you post a picture of sushi.


“You discover that posting pics of sushi gets 250% more Likes than a detailed post with data/insights. Do you…

  • Ignore the data
  • Survey your followers
  • Order 50 California rolls”

Ignore Vanity Metrics

“Likes” are more of a vanity metric. It’s nice that people¬†show interest in your photo, but it’s unrelated to getting more users or customers. Maybe some random sashimi enthusiasts stumbled upon your picture?

Similarly, a metric like Daily Active Users (DAUs) or page views could be misleading.* In this case, you can make loads money by ignoring your followers.

*Every engineer knows that metrics can be gamed. But that’s a story for another time.

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