A Small Note After George Floyd

On May 25, an African American man named George Floyd was murdered by police officers. It was a tragedy, and not the first.

I haven’t focused on this blog in recent months. After George Floyd, I wasn’t sure what to write. Bragging about how “woke” you are feels off-putting to me, and I still have much to learn. So I’ll say this:

To the African Americans reading this: I stand with you.

To the other people reading this: Read about the experiences of African Americans, both historically and in recent years. If you find yourself dismissing their stories, ask yourself why.

At this moment, I feel like the best thing I can do is to continually listen, learn, support my friends and colleagues, and translate these ideas into long-term action. Posting to social media feels like virtue signaling. The real heroes were the people working towards justice before it was “popular”. And while talking about race is often uncomfortable, that’s OK. Being uncomfortable is necessary for growth.

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