CS Internship Guide #6: The One Sentence Internship Candidates Need to Read

Part of the CS Internship Guide

Okay, this isn’t one sentence. Rather, I asked a several interns (and former interns) for one sentence of advice on getting an internship. Here are my favorite responses.

Andrew Armstrong Kogler, Software Development Intern at RGM Advisors, LLC:

Focus on learning and legitimately getting good at something instead of chasing resume bullets.

Jonathan Ibers, Software Development Intern at Tableau Software:

Interviewers care as much (if not more) about how you go about solving a problem than they do getting the correct answer.

Brian Schmitz, Software Engineer Intern at Google:

Grind on leetcode.com to be prepared for interview questions.

Arnav Sastry, Intern at Twitter:

1. Competitive programming + Cracking the Coding Interview to have the chops to pass interviews. 2. Apply literally everywhere (like if you think you’re done, you’re not done). 3. Research the company before the interview. 4. Have fun! Even if you don’t get any jobs (unlikely if you do steps 1-3), you’ll learn a ton.

Gabe Licona, Intern at Infusion:

Ask unique questions when talking to recruiters.

Moises Holguin, Internal Product Team Intern at Square:

Literally apply everywhere. Even if you don’t want to work there full time. Many doors open after your first internship. So just apply everywhere for your first one.

Moiz Rizvi, Software Engineering Intern at Salesforce:

Take data structures ASAP, actually go to class everyday, and pay attention.

Marek Bejda, Technology Intern at JPMorgan Chase:

Go to the darn career fair.

Megan Knocke, Intern at Rackspace:

Network. Recruiters will remember talking to you the previous year and be happy to see how you’ve grown.

Kyuu Ketsuki, Software Developer at Athenahealth:

If you don’t get an internship one summer, be sure to work on some project to show you’ve been developing your skills.

Raeeca Narimani, Student at the University of Texas at Austin:

Start a side project. Many recruiters ask if you’ve made anything in your spare time.

John Ly, Associate Software Engineer at The Advisory Board Company:

Love what you do.

Though not everyone responded with just one sentence, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share their good advice. I’d like to thank everyone for their wisdom, and best of luck to you all, wherever you are next year!

What one sentence of advice you would give to freshmen who want an internship?

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