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I’ve renamed this site from “Startup Helium” to “Sheldon Software” (Sheldon’s Software? Sheldon’s ‘oftware?). The old domain should work for a few more weeks, but after that, you’ll have to type to come here.

I originally thought I’d be writing at least third of my articles about startups and entrepreneurship, but there are far more knowledgeable experts on founding and running a company. And even though I was involved with the startup community in Austin, Texas, there are better news sources for startup news.

I’m still interested in startups–I’ll still write about entrepreneurship every once in a while. However, the topic won’t be a major focus anymore. As you can see in my post history, I’ve continued to write about software. That’ll stay the same. I’ll also continue expanding the CS Internship Guide. Finally, I’ll continue adding content that may be distantly related to computer science.

Now change your bookmark from “” to “” before the Internet demons take away my domain!

What topics on this blog have you liked (or disliked)?

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