Why You Shouldn’t Take My Advice


I try to follow my own advice. However, my advice might not always be the best for everyone in every situation. I have no skin in your game. Therefore, it’s best to examine my actions and determine (for yourself) if following my example would help.

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Some Additional Advice on Advice

Don’t follow my advice too closely. You know yourself best. How could I possibly help if I know almost nothing about you?

More importantly, if you follow my recommendations (say, on how to get a CS internship) I don’t get hurt if you do the wrong thing for your situation. I don’t have any skin in your game.

I intend to give genuine advice, but my experiences may be different than yours. Oftentimes I’ll mention what I did and the outcome; it’s up to you to examine my actions (rather than my words) and then determine if following my example would help. This applies to other people’s advice as well.

Hopefully my blog has helped you, the reader, or at least given you a different perspective on the things I’ve written about: software, startups, internships, programming, user interfaces and all the other things.

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