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Making it Easy

A gym’s locker room had two towel bins. The gray bin was close to the lockers. The black bin was twenty feet away, around the corner, and not very visible to tired athletes. The management want to keep the locker room clean, so … Continue reading

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How to Network Better than 80% of People

Have you gone to a networking event where you know no one, and felt like you didn’t get much out of it? I’m not the world’s best at these events, but I’ve witnessed how a few minutes of preparation can … Continue reading

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Why I Didn’t Start a Board Game Company

I had an idea for a board game, and considered making it into a company. Continue reading

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Shower Fresh Part 2: Infusey

What happened to Shower Fresh? Continue reading

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CS Internship Guide #17: The Problem with College Career Counselors

Why college career counselors can’t teach you how to get a CS internship. Continue reading

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