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Why It’s Good to Get Punched in the Face

The Minimum Viable Product, and why it’s so important to get fast feedback. Continue reading

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How One Company Eliminated Critical Deadlines

Multimedia Games produce dozens of small games each year instead of one huge game. This spreads the risk of a single delay destroying the company. Continue reading

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Randomness and Bughunting – Antifragility Applied

Development teams can become more antifragile by fixing problems as soon as they arise, rather than waiting until later. Continue reading

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Reacting to Randomness – Antifragility 101

I introduced the triad of fragile, robust, and antifragile. The fragile are harmed by disorder, the robust is resistant to disorder, and the antifragile benefits from disorder. I think that we can improve our systems by making them more antifragile. Continue reading

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